The Northwest Ohio Independent Culture Archive (NOICA) exists as a collection of Bowling Green State University's Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives to collect and preserve underground and independent popular music and related culture from the Northwest Ohio region including photographs, sound recordings, video, oral histories, zines, posters, fliers, and other tangible and virtual artifacts and memorabilia of cultural relevance to the Northern Ohio geographic area. The cultural histories of communities outside of larger metropolitan areas are often underrepresented in archives and are at risk of getting lost in time. The NOICA collection aims to preserve these materials and make them available to students, faculty, staff, researchers, community members, and other interested parties for historical, academic, and community benefit.

The project began in August of 2019 through a commitment for broader community inclusion within the BGSU archives and was established by former Head Librarian at the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives at Bowling Green State University (from July 2006 until September 2019) Susannah Cleveland, and Bowling Green State University Associate Dean Dr. Phil Dickinson with Graduate Research Assistant John King.

For the Summer 2020 Internship through the Public History Graduate Certificate Program, John King created this website explaining the process of researching and archiving local artifacts, as well as creating a specific digital exhibit based on a local historical event, the 1975 Poe Ditch Music Festival, as well as coordinating with the history department to promote the exhibit.