Summer 2020 Internship Log

Monday, June 1st
1-5 began setting up project website and outlining Poe Ditch Text
Tuesday June 2nd
1-5 adding website page for 45th Anniversary of Poe Ditch
Began Omeka Digital Exhibit
Wednesday June 3rd
1-5 Created poster image, content, for Poe Ditch 45th Anniversary
uploaded content for NOICA.
Thursday, June 4th
1-5 Completed BGSU Library digital exhibit for Poe Ditch 45th anniversary
Friday, June 5th
1-5 added audio content, made exhibit public.

Monday, June 8th
1-5 Made Exhibit Featured. Coordinated with BGSU Department of History to feature Exhibit on  Thier facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BGSUHistoryDept/posts/3886802951392592

Tuesday, June 9th
1-5 built the tutorial on the process of scanning and archiving objects for NOICA.
 Worked on scanning and adding meta data for Groovemaster images.

Wednesday, June 10th
1-5 Uploaded Groovemaster images and updated the BG Women In Rock exhibit with new Groovemaster images.

Thursday, June 11th
1-5 Worked on scanning and adding meta data for Groovemaster images.

Friday, June 12th
1-5 Finished Groovemaster images and worked on project website.